Introducing Encrypted MySQL Server
For Google Cloud

A secure MySQL server with encryption
Lifetime key management
Protection against a malicious “root” user
Log integrity through multiple copies
SG-TDE-MySQL is a data security solution that reliably protects the MySQL data at inception by securing the server as well as its operating environment. SG-TDE-MySQL prevents unauthorized users to access sensitive data which in turn helps customers to meet various regulatory compliance requirements. Data-at-rest encryption, lifetime key management, log management and protection against a malicious “root” user are some of the key features of our offering. Many leading organizations based in the United States, Europe, and Japan use our solution to meet stringent data security requirements imposed by the GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS mandates.

Test Drive SG-TDE-MySQL Capabilities

SG-TDE-MySQL  transparently encrypts MySQL data with the help of a FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithm – AES.
SG-TDE-MySQL provides comprehensive key management with built-in provisions for:
  • Key generation
  • Key rotation
  • Key revocation
SG-TDE-MySQL comes with a free key locker offered as a service or a paid locker that can be deployed within your own network.
SG-TDE-MySQL makes it difficult for a malicious “root” user to access information stored in the MySQL database.
SG-TDE-MySQL stores its own audit trail at four different locations in order to avoid data tampering.
SG-TDE-MySQL can be deployed within GCP as well as in your own data center thereby allowing you to standardize your data encryption solution across your hybrid environment.

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*Free for GCP customers on VM’s with memory upto 1.7GB
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